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Whether you’re interested in rental properties, house flipping, or redevelopment, Calgary Real Estate Investor Hub is here to help build your wealth through real estate investing.

A Calgary Investor-Focused Real Estate Team

We are a team of investor-focused real estate agents in Calgary who are continually sourcing the best investment opportunities, both on and off-market, for our clients.

We have the industry expertise and connections for getting you the best investment property – whether that be your first single family property all the way to large multi-family buildings. The best part is our service doesn’t end there. We’re always here to support you before, during and after the sale, and we take pride in that.


Recognizing potential

We know a property with potential when we see one.

Get our insights on the property features, possible updates, and surrounding area that translate to more value.

Market Knowledge

Get a better picture of the value of your investment.

Leverage our knowledge of the local Calgary market – like demographics, building and zoning regulations, nearby developments, etc.

Hands-On Experience

We walk the talk and have been investing in Calgary real estate ourselves since 2012.

We know how to spot a good deal as well as warning signs that can sink a project.

Investment Analysis

We run the numbers on rent, repairs, maintenance, vacancy, proformas, and more.

Be better prepared and feel more confident in your investment’s performance.


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Anthony Therrien-Bernard

Santhosh Nathan

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Off-Market Listings

See our available investment properties not yet listed on MLS and beat the competition.