Real Estate Services for Calgary Investment Properties

Helping you navigate the investment property market

Real estate isn’t one-size-fits-all. Buy or sell to suit your portfolio, create lasting wealth, and achieve financial freedom.

Purchasing investment properties

Helping you find the best opportunities

Tell us what you’re looking for, your goals and budget, and we find options for you, based on your specific plan, requirements, and objectives.

Unlike some real estate agents, we aren’t just in it for the transaction. As investor-focused real estate agents, we are more concerned about our relationship with you, meeting your investment goals, and building your portfolio with high performing properties.

Rental Properties

If you’re looking to buy a rental property in Calgary or the surrounding area, we’ve got you. Whatever your strategy or goal, we can help search properties and assess rental incomes for profitable investment.

Short-Term Rentals

Finding strategic properties for our clients that bring the best value.

Short term rental properties (think AirBnB, VRBO) need to be strategically located for maximum revenue potential.

Whether you’re looking to buy a short-term rental that can offer a unique experience or a luxury high-rise condo, we can source the right properties for your portfolio.

Long-Term Rentals

Long term rentals have always been the bread and butter of real estate investing and can be a stable, predictable income generator.

We analyze the numbers for you and identify the income potential of each property alongside identifying high ROI upgrades, market and community trends for future long-term appreciation potential.

Value-Add Strategy

Commonly known as the Buy Rehab Refinance Repeat (BRRR) strategy. We’ve helped countless clients with  BRRR properties who have refinanced and kept their renovated properties as high income producing assets.

Did you know that BRRRs can also be done on commercial multi-family assets? If you’re looking for a large project like this, get in touch – there can be a lot of moving parts to consider.

House Flipping

Interested in flipping houses in Calgary and area? Let’s talk!

We constantly scour the MLS and our private lead database to find distressed properties that can be purchased by our flipper clients. We’re happy to take you from A-Z! Let us find you the flip, help plan for the renovations you need to hit your target sale price, and we’d be happy to list the results back on the market so that you can reap those profits (and repeat).

As realtors assisting on the intial purchase, then the resale, we’ll help ensure that your renovation plans are strategic, attainable, and ultimately profitable.

Out-of-Province Investors

Are you located outside of Alberta and looking to capitalize on our real estate market? Alberta (and specifically the Calgary area) is a strong real estate market compared to other provinces where real estate prices are much higher.

Reasons why Calgary/Alberta is a great market for real estate investors: 
Greater cash flowing properties
More balanced landlord-tenant laws
No PST/HST, outrageous land transfer taxes or closing costs (most residential transactions can be closed for under $2500)

We’ll be your feet on the ground here in Calgary so you don’t even need to travel, if you don’t want to.

Infills and land assembly 

There are lots of opportunities for infills and land assembly projects in Calgary. These are best reserved for investors with at least a few years of experience and a solid knowledge base in real estate investing.

New construction, coupled with obtaining rezoning approvals and permits from municipalities can be time-consuming and costly. That being said, they can be highly profitable if done right. We help our clients find appropriate properties in suitable neighbourhoods, as well as navigate the planning and red tape.

We won’t waste your time, talk you into a bad deal, or send you automated emails with listings that don’t suit your needs.

Selling Investment Properties

Leverage our specialized knowledge and investor network for quick and painless property divestments

There are several reasons why you might want to divest – perhaps you don’t want to take on required renovations, need capital for another investment, or are shifting your portfolio to other types of investment properties.

When you’re ready to sell an investment property, we can help expedite this process in a number of ways.

Pre-Sale Considerations

Before selling, you may benefit from a few little updates here and there that will increase your property value. Get our feedback with planning and connections for implementing these changes.


Investor Network

Our network of fellow investors means your property gets in front of the right people – motivated buyers, specifically looking for investment properties.

Targeted Marketing

Get a custom marketing plan to maximize your property’s value. Our backgrounds help us market each investment property accurately to attract the right buyers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

First, we meet with you either virtually or in-person and get to know you and your real estate goals a little better.

After that, we begin to send you listings both on-market, and off-market private sales that match your criteria. Whether you’re buying or selling, we’ll go through our comprehensive strategy that leverages our various networks – beyond the MLS.

Do you have your own investment properties?

Yes! We each carry our own investment portfolios. With years of experience, we’re familiar with the ins and outs of real estate investing of all kinds in the Calgary area.

If these deals are so good, why don’t you buy them yourself?

The reality is we see many good deals, but we only have so much investment capital. Yes, you could also say that we could raise capital and buy some of the deals we come across. But as investor-realtors working for investors, and because you place your trust in us, our clients’ interests come first. Always. It’s our promise to you.

Do you get many off-market deals?

Yes, at any given time, we have an assortment of off-market deals. We work with multiple landlords who either prefer to sell their rental properties silently without a huge “for sale” sign in front of their property (which might scare tenants), or those that are ready to sell if the right buyer comes along (but don’t necessarily want to list it for mass public viewing).

Check out our current off-market listings here

Do you offer property management?

No, we are not licensed property managers and cannot offer this service. We do, however, work with professional property management companies and would be happy to connect you.

Do you have special, referral bonuses or other agreements with your network of industry partners?

Absolutely not! These are vendors we have either personally worked with or our clients have worked with and had great experiences. We recommend these vendors based on their great service.

Can you assist me with the purchase/sale of a larger multi-family building (5+ units)?

Yes, one of our commercially licensed agents can assist with this.

I don’t own any investment properties and don’t know where to start, can you still work with me?

Of course! We work with a lot of first-time investors. We can help you work through the process and find a property that fits your means and goals.

I can’t get approved for a mortgage, is there any way I can still invest in real estate?

Although this will limit your options, there are still some strategies that might work for you such as flipping, joint ventures, etc. Reach out and we can find a strategy that works for you!

What is the first step before I start looking for an investment property?

If you have not done so already it is best to start by having a discussion with an investor-focused mortgage broker or your bank to determine your mortgage qualification. Please feel free to reach out re: recommendations for mortgage brokers.

I have a cashflow-negative property, should I sell?

It depends on your exact situation. We’d be happy to run the numbers with you and determine your best option.