Growth in benchmark resale home prices – Canadian cities compared

Aug 18, 2022 | Calgary Real Estate Investing Blog

For anyone currently waiting on the sideline to invest in Alberta, waiting for a housing market crash have a read at the full article.

Another great article from ATB’s The Owl. Some takeaways:

“If you’re a homeowner, headlines like “a sharp correction is coming” and “the bubble is about to burst” send shivers up your spine, but they are music to the ears of anyone looking to break into the market. The extreme downward trajectory of house prices suggested by these headlines and expected in some parts of Canada is not, however, on the horizon in Alberta.”

“…because a housing bubble didn’t form here, there isn’t one to burst.”

“At the same time, robust economic growth in Alberta (we will likely lead the country in this regard in 2022), the recent return to being a net recipient of interprovincial migrants, a somewhat younger (though still aging) population, and the high quality of life offered here provide strong support for the provincial housing sector going forward.”


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