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The success of your investment comes down to the details… and we’re here to guide you

Because we specialize in investment properties, we’re familiar with the nuances and special considerations that a typical real estate agent might not be.

Why take the risk of guessing and learning as you go? Capitalize on our team’s years of experience, knowledge, and expertise.

We’re passionate about all the little things that make or break real estate investing – the investment plan, the location, the property, the deal, tenancy laws and local bylaws, upgrade planning, proformas and ROI calculations… the list goes on.


About our Team Members

Anthony Therrien-Bernard

Anthony is an Investor-Focused Licensed Realtor and co-founder of the Calgary Real Estate Investor Hub. He grew up in Trois Rivières, Québec and moved to Calgary, Alberta when he was 19. With a degree in Micro-Computers and Networking from Herzing College in Montreal, he began his career in tech but ended up finding a passion for real estate.

Anthony’s adventures into real estate began in 2012 when he purchased his first investment property in Calgary. This led to a fascination with real estate investing and he has read countless real estate books and frequently listens to real estate podcasts. Anthony strongly believes in continuously educating himself on new and relevant topics in the field.

He now owns 17 units made up suited properties, duplex and is currently working on a 64 units re-development project.

Anthony also speaks his native tongue, French, as well and works closely with the local francophone community. During his free time, Anthony enjoys hiking, mountain biking , skiing, motorsports, reading and spending time with his partner and two cats.

You can learn more about Anthony at 


 Santhosh Nathan

Santhosh is an Investor-Focused Licensed Realtor and co-founder of the Calgary Real Estate Investor Hub. Originally from Singapore, he moved to Calgary in 2011. He holds an Honours degree in Health Sciences from the University of Calgary, and later decided to pursue a Masters degree specializing in Medical Imaging on a dementia research project although he left his degree near the end to pursue real estate full-time.

His passion in real estate investing started in 2018 after researching ways to grow his income and watching countless YouTube videos at the time. Since then, he has expanded to owning over 10 doors, from DIYing his own renovations in the beginning by watching YouTube videos to now tackling larger multifamily projects with partners. Now he enjoys helping other investors grow their portfolio in the Calgary region.

Santhosh also speaks his native tongue, Tamil, as well, and works closely with the local Tamil community to often source newcomers their first home in Calgary. During his free time, Santhosh loves roadtrips, mountain biking, camping (only if there’s steak involved), and going hiking with his partner, Olivia, and his dog, Kaiser.

You can learn more about Santhosh at 


Jared Comeau

Jared is a Real Estate Assistant with the Calgary Real Estate Investor Hub. Having a keen knack for negotiation, he began following and studying the teachings of the likes of Jim Camp and Chris Voss, which helped him hone his negotiation skills. After moving to Calgary in 2014, Jared entered the real estate industry by digging basements for a national home builder, but quickly realized his passion was in another sector of real estate.

It was along the way where Jared discovered rental properties and house flipping. Jared completed his first flip in the community of Lake Bonavista in 2022 with the help of Santhosh and Anthony.

Jared’s journey has lead him to joining the Calgary Real Estate Investor Hub as a Real Estate Assistant, which is the first step to realizing his dream of becoming a Realtor himself.


Marjorie Blanza

Marjorie is a Real Estate Assistant with the Calgary Real Estate Investor Hub.


Why Partner with Us?

When you choose to work with us, you get a specialized team working with you – for the price of one standard realtor. Our commission is the same as most other leading realty companies. This alone makes for great value, but there’s more.

Recognizing Potential

Being able to identify the potential of investment properties is an art and a science. We’re well versed in both aspects.

The science is in the numbers – knowing how to project property values, factor in impactful upgrades, calculate rental income, etc.

The art is in envisioning the possibilities of the property – both in terms of the location factor and the space itself.

Market Knowledge

As residents of Calgary, investors, and realtors browsing the MLS all day, we have our finger on the pulse of market trends as well as community-specific data.

Not all communities are the same, and even within a given community, property value can fluctuate greatly.

We know which subtle elements to look for to help you pinpoint the best types of properties and areas – specific to your investment plan and goals – or just a good deal!

Hands-On Experience

We’ve been investing in Calgary real estate since 2012 and manage our own portfolios.

Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term rental properties, BRRR (Buy, Rehab, Refinance, Repeat), flipping houses, or multi-family developments – we’ve done it all and can help you navigate.

In some cases, we’ve learned the hard way and you can benefit from our experience here, too. Get insight and avoid potential pitfalls when we review properties together.

Investment Analysis

Investment real estate all comes down the numbers. A deal that may appear solid at first glance may not actually perform well.

Other realtors may not be as familiar reviewing or creating proformas (a financial statement projecting expenses and income using historical data and market information) and may not be able to spot key points.

We’ll run the numbers with you to determine if a deal makes financial sense at the end of the day.


    Administrative Advice

    There are a lot of admin tasks involved in real estate – permit applications, legal documents, tax deductions, bookkeeping, accounting, etc.

    Whether it’s professional advice from our partners or little tips from our years of experience – get advice on how to run the administrative side of real estate investing so you can avoid costly mistakes.

    Our Network and Partners

    Over the years, we have created a network of reputable partners to assist in all areas of real estate investing. We also host a community Facebook group where we review deals, answer questions, and more.

    From other investors, to trades people and building materials, to tenant credit screening tools and property management firms – our network will save you time and money.

    Find the right properties & create lasting wealth with help from our specialized team