Updates to the City of Calgary Short-Term Rentals Rules

Oct 23, 2023 | Calgary Real Estate Investing Blog

Did you know that the City of Calgary is implementing changes to the requirements of a property in order to obtain a business licence as a short-term rental operator?

Key changes taking effect in January 2024 to the business licence requirements include:
  • A floor plan of the dwelling unit or portion of the dwelling unit offered must be provided, including:
  • All rooms for rent, including all rooms offered as bedrooms or available for the purpose of sleeping (living rooms with a fold out couch for example)
  • Location of all smoke alarms and fire extinguishers
  • Location of fire exits
  • Dimensions of the rooms
  • Proof of ownership of the dwelling unit or written owner consent
  • If in a condo, also need written proof from the condo board that Short Term Rentals are permitted
  • Proof of Insurance indicating the location is operating as a business
  • Licence Inspector review
  • Annual fire inspections done by Calgary Fire Department will be required to ensure compliance with all life safety requirements


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